Simon Davies Album Cover

A few years ago a friend of mine Simon Davies, singer and songwriter from Birmingham UK asked me to design his new album cover named “Underground Looking Up.” He provided me with the raw images he wanted me to use and a short brief including the colours, titles and basic theme which was all about London underground, but gave me the creative input to go away and play around with the design.As blue was one of the major theme colours I chose to focus on the above image, the title, “looking Up” fitted with this frame and also linked in directly with the underground. My initial thoughts were to place a poster on the wall as to directly include the titles in the image. (see below)

The text however became an afterthought and didn’t stand out as much as it should, this is an album cover and the title really should stand out more. So I played around with text, tried to find something funky and reflective of the style of music.

This became too crowded and and over stylised, and after a few more changes I decided to use this as the reverse sleeve, and detail the songs on the back of the case. (see below)

With the reverse sorted the front had to be completed. We wanted something simple, but effective. From the source material Simon gave me I found an image of a platform with waiting passengers. There is a lovely composition of two passengers, the signs and the windows waiting above the platform that stood out. I included Simons name in the station signs, and added the Album title on the tracks. But something needed to pop more, so a little colour was added to the underground logo, not as to detract from the wonderful use of light in the image, that stood out more in black and white.

Simon chose this as his cover, and finally we created a little insert based on another stock image as a message to his fans.

I’m happy to say however that my skills using photoshop have improved since then.

Lush Deli

In 2010 Jarek and Edonna Kolesnikow approached me and asked if I could work on the branding for their new company. After many weeks of meetings and long discussions as they prepared for the opening of their business I had created many brand designs based on their choices. Finally I decided on some designs featuring food as the main focus, seeing as the company they were opening was a Deli. Below you can see some of the branding I have created for their company.

Above is a postcard featuring the brand logo at the top. A half eaten slice of bread in the shape of an ‘L’ leading into the word Lush. The colours, green and light yellow were chosen by the owners to represent the freshness of the food, and the bite outline to continue the main theme which runs throughout the entire marketing media, from posters to business cards…

to leaflets and menus. Below is a first design for a new voucher, still in production stages featuring an image from the deli store.

Below are some photos from the grand opening of the deli in Pimlico London. Featuring the signs designed and coloured specifically for the store front.