Logo Video Clip

Been playing around with some new software and accidentally came up with a new logo which I love a feel reflects me. Here is it below.

I created the images using Adobe Dimensions as it allowed me to render a realistic looking gold solid, and black leather. Unfortunately you can only create 2D images in this software. I was hoping to create 3D models and import them into After Effects. After some research it appears I’m not the only one who wanted to utilise the applications in this way, but it appears Adobe are working on it.

Pretty happy with the end result.

New York Helicopter Flight

We Went to visit some friends in New York for Thanksgiving last year, and whilst there was treated to an open-door helicopter flight over New Jersey and Manhattan. It had snowed the day before so had a fantastic view.

We booked the flight in advance with a company called FLYNYON (https://www.flynyon.com). Brilliant service, made you feel safe as the team directed you and tested you on specific terms and helped you with your safety gear. Word of caution, I forgot tech didn’t do so well in cold temperatures, it’s freezing up there, my camera kept dying, but luckily after a short hug I was able toget a few more minutes of footage before the battery died again. Plan ahead!

I didn’t want to just edit the footage down to a long cut of flybys, so I decided to bring the 20minutes of footage down to four, and present it in a way that featured the best moments, whilst playing with the grade and having fun with the footage. I heard the track I used years ago and used to have it on my iPod, always wanted to use it for an edit. It’s Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg RMX).

I had been desperate to go to New York since I was 10, so 22 years later it finally happened. Definitely fell in love with the place and will for sure be going again.

The Escapees (Ongoing Short Film Project)

The Escapee’s is essentially my baby. It is a project I have been working on for many years now, and the first script I have ever written. It came about after a short dream I had one evening, woke up, and had to put pen to paper before I could sleep again.

The story follows three young men who have somehow escaped incarceration, after the vehicle which was transporting them between prisons crashes on route. Throughout the screenplay we discover more about who these characters are, how they ended up locked away, and join them in their discoveries along their journey to a suspenseful and shocking climax.

I have been in contact with various people about this project including actors, art directors, grips, and special effects to ensure that I can achieve the best possible product, and have received very good feedback overall, however I just haven’t found the right time to get this project on it’s feet.

This is quite a challenge for me, and one that I am determined to get right, and hopefully submit to some critique, so I am looking for the best possible team to work with. If this project sounds like something you like to be involved in, please get in touch and let me know how you could help.

Not the best drawer in the world but it’s my doodle concept art, I giggle at it too.








I recently completed a little test shoot and reckie and below is one of the shots and ideas for the grading of the film.

Jeremy J Music Promo: Old Wave

Jeremy J is is a Manchester based music producer, who has been working alongside local bands and performers between London, Manchester and Stoke-on-trent for many years. He approached me early 2014 to discuss creating some music promo’s for his work, and this project is the first of hopefully many to come.

‘Old wave’ to me is about the message being sent out to all of us constantly about marketing and sales, and how we as consumers are brainwashed into believing we need stuff, to be able to survive our daily lives. I wanted to convey this message through the video using imagery to enhance the feeling of being brainwashed, completed saturated inadvertising and the radio waves that are surrounding us constantly.

Thanks for Watching.




Simon Davies Album Cover

A few years ago a friend of mine Simon Davies, singer and songwriter from Birmingham UK asked me to design his new album cover named “Underground Looking Up.” He provided me with the raw images he wanted me to use and a short brief including the colours, titles and basic theme which was all about London underground, but gave me the creative input to go away and play around with the design.As blue was one of the major theme colours I chose to focus on the above image, the title, “looking Up” fitted with this frame and also linked in directly with the underground. My initial thoughts were to place a poster on the wall as to directly include the titles in the image. (see below)

The text however became an afterthought and didn’t stand out as much as it should, this is an album cover and the title really should stand out more. So I played around with text, tried to find something funky and reflective of the style of music.

This became too crowded and and over stylised, and after a few more changes I decided to use this as the reverse sleeve, and detail the songs on the back of the case. (see below)

With the reverse sorted the front had to be completed. We wanted something simple, but effective. From the source material Simon gave me I found an image of a platform with waiting passengers. There is a lovely composition of two passengers, the signs and the windows waiting above the platform that stood out. I included Simons name in the station signs, and added the Album title on the tracks. But something needed to pop more, so a little colour was added to the underground logo, not as to detract from the wonderful use of light in the image, that stood out more in black and white.

Simon chose this as his cover, and finally we created a little insert based on another stock image as a message to his fans.

I’m happy to say however that my skills using photoshop have improved since then.

Ping Pong Cocktail Master Class

The very popular Dim Sum restaurant chain in London, Dubai and the USA run a corporate and public cocktail master class throughout the year. The Master Class is run by mixologists within the business and consists of learning how to make cocktails using various methods and racing each other to see who can make the fastest cocktail, the best.

Ping Pong approached me and asked me to shoot and edit a promotional video for their Master Class, which will be live on their youtube channel. Further information can be found at www.pingpongdimsum.com, for now you can get a taste (get it) of what they’re all about by watching the video below.

Ping Pong Cocktail Master Class from Steve Otway on Vimeo.

Lush Deli

In 2010 Jarek and Edonna Kolesnikow approached me and asked if I could work on the branding for their new company. After many weeks of meetings and long discussions as they prepared for the opening of their business I had created many brand designs based on their choices. Finally I decided on some designs featuring food as the main focus, seeing as the company they were opening was a Deli. Below you can see some of the branding I have created for their company.

Above is a postcard featuring the brand logo at the top. A half eaten slice of bread in the shape of an ‘L’ leading into the word Lush. The colours, green and light yellow were chosen by the owners to represent the freshness of the food, and the bite outline to continue the main theme which runs throughout the entire marketing media, from posters to business cards…

to leaflets and menus. Below is a first design for a new voucher, still in production stages featuring an image from the deli store.

Below are some photos from the grand opening of the deli in Pimlico London. Featuring the signs designed and coloured specifically for the store front.

Ping Pong Dim Sum Demo

The very popular Dim Sum restaurant chain in London, Brazil, Dubai, and the USA run a corporate and public Dim Sum Demo where you can learn how to fold and create your own dim sum, whilst enjoying stories of the history of dim sum, and learning about the ingredients.

Ping Pong approached me and asked me to shoot and edit a promotional video for their Dim Sum Demo, which will be soon launched on their youtube channel. This video is embedded from the Ping Pong Dim Sum You Tube page. Further information can be found at www.pingpongdimsum.com.

Music Composed By Me

The music here was composed as purely experimental, by either setting myself a project or composing for fun. Some of the following tracks are works in progress that I intend to continue working on. I wouldn’t say I’m a natural composer, but It’s something I love doing as for me, film and music go together hand in hand. The marriage of film and music together can often evoke such emotion and excitement, which is why I am committed to working with both.

Music For Film

Here is some of the work I have been involved with for musical film. I enjoy working with musicals because I believe the soundtrack to any film is key to its success. Music can provoke emotion so well, and if married in the right way with the footage it can be a beautiful thing. I’ve worked on a number of musical projects, as well as soundtracks for various others, examples of which you can find below.

This first album is the soundtrack to the 2009 Magic Wand Productions film ‘Fairytale’

Once Upon A Tale
Composition by Nick Thorne
Lyrics by Steve Otway
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

Fairytale Meeting
Music and Lyrics by Steve Otway
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

We Make It Through
Original Composition by Annetta Spaull, Re-authored by Steve Otway
Lyrics by Annetta Spaull
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

A Turn Of Fate
Fairytale Theme, based on Music by Annetta Spaull, Reworked by Steve Otway
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

The Makebelieve Reality Soundtrack consists of tracks from various artists, so the full OST does not appear here. 

The full sound track includes music from TiNK, Priscilla Ahn, Ben Brick, and Ann Drury, however due to rights not all of the soundtrack can be included here.

Included tracks are as follows:

In My Head (Single)- Performed By Rachel Martin
Music and Lyrics by Steve Otway
This version of the track is the originally recorded Single Edit of the song.
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

In My Head (Film Version)- Performed By Rachel Martin
Music and Lyrics by Steve Otway
This version of the track is the edited acoustic version used in the main feature.
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

Club Scene
Composition by Steve Otway
This track is from the club scene in the main feature.
All Rights Reserved Steve Otway Media

Aimi Percival Showreel 2011

I have worked with Aimi Percival for a many years now on a number of different projects, we have developed not only a fantastic professional relationship but a wonderful friendship as well. Aimi has performed in many theatre and film productions over the years and has a fast growing business of energetic shows featuring popular songs from favourite musicals. The shows last approximately 50 minutes and the audience are encouraged to sing along.

A few years ago Aimi asked me to edit her showreel and I have been doing this ever since. This is the 2011 version, so be on the lookout for a new edit shortly. Aimi can be contacted via aimipercival@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested in her shows or her performance skills.

Aimi Percival Showreel (2011)
Edit.Steve Otway


A piece of audio visual critisicm using stock footage, and audio driven visuals to describe history and film and life to its decay. It was a project at university where we had to take stock footage and create meaning from the images and sounds in whatever way we saw fit. Again choosing something musical I decided to use the clips to create a musical piece, and base it upon a human life, so the sounds and the visuals build as a life grows and learns, through to the end where everything becomes incoherent and eventually dies. Slightly morbid but I am pleased with how this piece came out. I do not personally own the rights to some of the footage but It exists here as an example of work from Roehampton University that I created. Dysplasia refers to a condition in the human body which deals with abnormality in development.

Dysplasia (2009)
Created by Steve Otway

Dysplasia from Steve Otway on Vimeo.

Shadow Of Life

This was the first film I made at university. It was a group project and my role was Camera (Cinematography). I tried to be a little clever with some shots but due to my lack of knowledge and experience at the beginning somewhat failed with some, but I’m happy to show my roots, and it’s got some great special effects near the end, always do like to do something a bit different.

Shadow Of Life (2006)
Dir.Prod. Emilee Ann (Indy) Briar
Prod Asst.Vicky Ngari-Wilson
Edit.Drew Alexander Woznicki
Cam.Steve Otway
Sound.Drew Alexander Woznicki

Shadow of Life from Steve Otway on Vimeo.

Catrina Farnell’s Lost

This is the first collaboration for Sparkle Dance Films. Originally a project envisioned by Catrina Farnell for her Dance Degree, Lost was later edited as a standalone short film. Catrina asked me to Direct/Film/and Edit the short. This was the beginning of our professional relationship for our film and theatre company.
The music is ‘Radio Protector’ by 65 Days of Static, and rights have been licensed to Catrina Farnell.

‘Lost’ takes place on Top Withens and the surrounding moors where the novel by Emily Brӧnte ‘Wuthering Heights’ is set. Choreographed by Catrina Farnell, Lost explores Kathy and Heathcliffe’s innocent love, and how it is corrupted. It is as if the remnants of their passionate relationship on the moor still resonates there and the dancers are picking up their ghosts. They are metaphorically and literally lost in the middle of nowhere. Shot Guerrilla style by a skeleton production team of 2, over 2 days. I decided to call it after Catrina as ‘Lost’ already exists as a popular TV show, but most importantly because this film is a product of Catrina’s continuing hard work and passion.

Catrina Farnell’s Lost
Prod.Catrina Farnell / Dir.Edit.Steve Otway

Catrina Farnell’s Lost from Steve Otway on Vimeo.

Makebelieve Reality

Makebelieve Reality is my second collaboration with Sparkle Dance Films. Following “Catrina Farnell’s Lost” Catrina asked me If i’d like to get involved with another project. She sent me a script she had been working on which I turned into a screenplay for the film. The narrative was based around the idea that you don’t always know what is going on in your friends heads, and that everyones life in front of your eyes might actually be different in reality, and that sometimes you make something up to appear much happier than you are.

Primarily a dance feature, Makebelieve Reality is set in Blackpool UK, and focuses on a group of friends and their relationships, and more closely on a certain few who’s own lives are not what they would want others to see. Catrina asked me on board to direct and co-edit with Natalie Shrives (Fairytale). I also wrote and composed “In my Head” performed by Rachel Martin for this film.

Makebelieve Reality (2011)
Dir.Steve Otway / Prod. Catrina Farnell / Edit.Steve Otway & Natalie Shrives

Makebelieve Reality from Steve Otway on Vimeo.


Fairytale from Magic Wand Productions was my final year film at Roehampton University. My group and I all decided that from examples of previous years films, we didn’t want to make a gloomy, and serious film dealing with issues of addiction and death, which had seemed to become to usual avenue for student film at the time. We all loved musicals, and having a good depth of knowledge on the subject knew that this was our arena. No longer would audiences of student film have to be subjected to the worst of human nature, we would give them the best of cheesy musical, something to make people happy. I directed and co-wrote the script whilst writing the lyrics to the opening number “Once Upon A Tale”, composing “Fairytale Meeting” and re-authoring the music from Annetta Spaull’s “We Can Make It Through”. A lot of love went into this film, and it was an amazing learning experience as well as a piece I can be proud of.

Fairytale (2009)
Dir. Steve Otway / Prod. Roxanne Milner Brown / Cam.Alexandra Marie Unwin / Edit.Natalie Shrives

Fairytale from Steve Otway on Vimeo.